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It can take up to 7 BUSINESS DAYS before any of your leads begin to come in.  Please make a note of this before you order.

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We are proud to announce the newest introduction to our lead options for final expense brokers and agents.  Take a listen to this video which explains our new live operator generated final expense telemarketing leads and even includes a few samples.  Give us a call at 404-580-7151 if you have any further questions.  You can order these leads on our order page here:  ORDER LIVE FINAL EXPENSE TELEMARKETING LEADS


Final expense telemarketing leads #1


All right, my Final Expense soldiers, Matt Lowery of Lead Jerk here. Say, I want to touch on something little– it has been a little bit on my mind here lately and that is to kind of let you guys know what some agents have shared with me that works for them really well with the Final Expense Telemarketing Leads and Avatar Leads.

Look, when you deal with Lead Jerk what you’re going to get, you’re going to get a excel spreadsheet usually with a file built in URL or a separate audio file of the actual phone call being recorded and the interaction or the conversation. So, what some agents have done and I’ve done this too myself actually, if you’re having trouble getting in touch with one of your leads, go door knock them and while you got them there at the front door, go ahead play the conversation back to them on your Smartphone. Because when these are emailed over you’re able to open up your email and then find the lead and you can actually play it. And you can play it in front of me get in the house. Several agents have expressed to me that’s the way they work our leads and they do very, very well with that.

So, just giving you a little food for thought, something to think about, if you’re having trouble getting in touch with them just like you would any other kind of lead you know same thing with direct mail or whatever you can go and door knock them. And if you catch them home and they open the door you know, little conversation going and play it and it will jog their memory and you’ll get in the door and probably it would lead to a  presentation. If not, you’re probably going to be able to set a firm appointment right then for the next day, you know and come back and do your presentation. So just give you guys a little something to think about how to work these in another avenue.

So hope that helps. Appreciate all of you. Talk to you soon. Make sure to visit the, got a ton of information on the site here. And make sure to opt-in right here on our contact form and receive your free exclusive report, Top 5 Ways to be successful with Final Expense Telemarketing Leads. It’s a step by step guide how some agents are selling final expense insurance using telemarketing leads. OK? And make sure to check out blog too. We got our blog here that you can click on that will carry you to some articles and videos that we’ve written. OK?

Alrighty guys, talk to you later. Thanks so much. Hope you’re having a good one. Bye-bye.


Final expense telemarketing leads #2


Hey everybody, Matt Lowery, the Lead Jerk here. I just want to make a quick video to discuss something that was asked of me and kind of want to answer in video format. It’s the topic of how fast Telemarketing leads come in versus waiting on direct mail. So everybody pretty much that has been in the final expense business, any amount of time knows that was there, if you make a mail drop and you drop your own mail and you order them in per thousand from a lead vendor, it’s going to take four to five weeks for these leads to start coming in.

You know, if you’re ordering every week, you can kind of span that out and– but you know, your first drop is going to take approximately four to five weeks to come in. There are a few costs per lead programs out there where you get it on autopilot. But for the most part, Telemarketing leads are going to be a little bit faster coming in for you. So if, you know, just to give you an example, if you– one week you drop and a month later, your leads come in and you have a less than stellar results so you have like 1%, 1.2%, 1.5% return on that thousand. So you get 15 leads in from that mail drop.

Well, you probably want to supplement it a little bit with some telemarketing leads. Our final expense telemarketing leads are perfect for that. They can supplement a slow or a less than stellar return on direct mail to help you  keep your you know annual premiums where you want them to be for that week or for a couple of weeks.

So, keep that in mind if your returns on your mail you’re dropping aren’t where you want them to be. Reach out to us, we’ll help you with getting you some telemarketing leads to supplement that and keep your production where your goals are. OK? That’s about it. You guys have a good one. Bye-bye.


Final expense telemarketing leads #3

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Hey guys, Matt Lowery here of the Lead Jerk. Hey, I just wanted to make a quick video to talk a little bit about how to work with your final expense leads. Pretty much the best way to work on them once you receive them is to call them within 24 to 48 hours, right? So you want to contact them as soon as possible. That way you get the most return on investment out of your lead. We send out leads daily, usually within a couple of hours of them being generated and scrubbed and checked over. So you don’t have to worry about getting stale leads from us, our leads are all very fresh.

And I’d like you to visit our website right here as you can see. And yeah, feel free to browse the website, take a look, we got our phone number and contact information here. You can email us which is You can find out a little bit more by playing these videos on here about the leads. You can listen to a sample avatar and Final Expense Telemarketer Leads right here. We’ve also got Medicare Supplement leads, regular leads as well as a T65 leads for Medicare.

So yeah, that’s what I would do. It’s really important to contact the lead within 24 to 48 hours. Make sure to go to the Final Expense Leads page while you’re on the site just to give you complete ordering instructions on what to do. For an Order Form, you just click right here on the little Lead Jerk and it will produce a form that you can actually type in and place your order. You can save that and print it, email it, fax it over to us, however you prefer.

And while you’re there, go ahead and take a look at our agent interviews. We’ve got interviews from agents all across the country that are very successful. You’re going to get some gold nuggets out of these interviews. So again, take a look at those. We’ve got quite a few interviews on the site. That are free to of charge, I did this to discuss for you, to help you out.

So again, for the best final expense telemarketing leads and avatar leads in the country, go right here to

Thanks, guys. Talk to you later. Bye.

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